We’re all about affordable, dispatchable renewable energy

Elegant design, excellence and teamwork are at the heart of everything we do.

At Vast Solar we’ve got smart people and elegant technology.

We’re putting those two things together to solve one of the world’s big problems. The world needs to repower, to get away from burning fossil fuels, and thermal storage technology will be part of that mix. Vast Solar’s technology is the most prospective thermal storage technology in the world.

What do we do? Our CSP technology delivers utility scale renewable energy generation with scalable, thermal storage. This delivers the ability to generate renewable energy during the day and to dispatch renewable energy 24 hours – during the day and night. By helping re-engineer the future of large scale energy storage, Vast Solar’s technology will help resolve intermittency challenges associated with variable renewable energy sources (VRES) as they deliver increasingly more ‘bulk’ renewable energy to the world’s power grids.

How? By delivering flexible, modular concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) technology with high optical and thermal performance and affordable, scalable thermal storage.

Why? To help solve the problem of burning fossil fuels. To provide affordable storage to address the VRES intermittency challenge. So more people can access dispatchable renewable energy on demand, 24 hours a day … affordably, reliably, simply.

Low Cost, High Efficiency.

Design for what the world needs now. Reliable, Controllable, Stored Power. Vast Solar CSP – Powering Overnight. Dispatchable renewable energy available throughout the day and well into the peak evening hours…

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