Vast Solar Projects

How do you take the sun’s free energy during the day and save it so that you can deliver that energy at night? 

That’s what CSP does. That’s what we can do.

Vast Solar’s innovation journey since 2009 has been to develop an economically viable design for concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) that harnesses the superb thermal characteristics of sodium as a heat transfer fluid (HTF).

Sodium’s use as a HTF makes modular arrays possible. Modular arrays capture more energy per m2 of mirror, offer control benefits that improve performance and reduce risk, are cheaper, can be constructed faster and they can be configured to meet business needs.

Sodium’s wide operating temperature range and high thermal conductivity make it an ideal HTF.  Morning start-ups are faster, cloud transients can be absorbed and precise outlet temperature control is possible.

Higher and more consistent outlet temperatures deliver better performance through increased energy capture and a reduction of risks associated with thermal fatigue.

Importantly, the molten salt in a Vast Solar power plant is never exposed to temperatures sufficient to cause it damage.

Over ten years, Vast Solar has designed, prototyped and tested components and plants to confirm these economic and operational advantages.

Vast Solar’s patented and proprietary CSP system is now available for commercial deployment.

Read on for stories about recent projects that we have delivered and that we are currently working on.