Project Description

Delivering cheap, clean, baseload power to Mount Isa.

Vast Solar has identified Mount Isa as the preferred location for a ground-breaking clean energy development.

The 50MW North West Queensland Hybrid Power Project (NWQHPP) will use Vast Solar’s cutting-edge Australian-made concentrating solar thermal technology to power the community and resources sector overnight. Combined with solar PV for daytime generation and, a large-scale battery and gas engines for firming, the integrated hybrid generator will reliably deliver low cost, dispatchable, clean energy 24 hours a day.

The NWQHPP will deliver a jobs boom for the area, including hundreds of construction jobs during the two-year project build and dozens of permanent, highly skilled operational jobs.

The Project will produce 75% clean energy and use significantly less fuel than current generators. Lower fuel costs and the plant’s 30 year operational life mean the $600+m upfront investment will deliver significantly cheaper energy than alternate baseload generation options over the lifetime of the project.

You can read more about the NWQHPP in the media release here.

We are building a standalone website that will provide further details and updates on developments but,
in the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch.