“This announcement is great news for South Australia and the country’s transition to net zero. We’ll be working closely with the state and Commonwealth Governments, the local community and businesses, to ensure this project delivers for South Australians.

“Alongside our Mt Isa project, this is another step forward for solar thermal technology in Australia. It complements wind and solar as it can generate low-cost, clean electricity for 12 plus hours when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing – meaning solar thermal has a huge role to play in the energy transition.

“What’s more, our technology is attracting international attention, and we are committed to seizing the opportunity to create a solar thermal export industry that brings jobs, billions of dollars in export revenue, and helps Australia become a clean energy superpower.”

Craig Wood CEO, Vast Solar

Vast Solar to build world-class solar thermal project in South Australia  

Vast Solar has received Australian Government backing to build a solar thermal reference project in Port Augusta, South Australia. Port Augusta has been selected as the location due to its excellent solar resource, strong electrical grid and sizeable and growing local demand

Through its 2022-23 Budget process, the Australian Government agreed to negotiate with Vast Solar the terms of concessional finance of up to $110 million to support the development of a 20MW CSP project. The world-class facility will generate clean, low-cost, reliable power, and catalyse an export-focussed renewables manufacturing industry creating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs.

  • Vast Solar plan for the project to be named in consultation with the community.
  • An initial 20MW plant will be a reference plant for solar thermal technology in Australia.
  • Hundreds of jobs will be created during construction and dozens of long-term operational roles.
  • Vast Solar’s solar thermal plants use turbines similar to those found in coal and gas power plants, meaning jobs are ideally suited to former fossil fuel power plant workers.
  • Solar thermal is one of the only renewable technologies that can generate clean energy overnight.