Low Impact

We’re excited to be in the business of renewable energy and we’re proud that our CSP system treads lightly on the planet and in the environments of the communities where Vast Solar CSP plants are located.

Unlike monolithic tower CSP systems, Vast Solar’s multiple towers are much lower in height and blend readily into the landscape. These towers, with comparably much smaller thermal receivers, are sensitive to native habitats and animal life and pose significantly reduced risks to birdlife.

Our heliostats are relatively small and are installed via a simple foundation system that involves minimal earthworks, minimising disruption to local vegetation and fauna.

The Vast Solar CSP system is designed so that many of the components and system features can be easily manufactured, are light to transport and can be readily configured with relatively little groundwork or heavy engineering. Our modular fields, relatively low towers, above ground HTF transfer piping system and easy to install heliostat design therefore tread lightly in terms of material intensity and construction and installation time and costs.

Vast Solar CSP plants offer local communities social and economic benefits without the stress of coal dust and aesthetic scars upon the landscape. Our modular field design also means that the layout of Vast Solar CSP plants can be flexibly configured in response to different sites and to accommodate sensitive cultural and conservation values.