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Vast Solar integrates synchronous condensers into solar thermal projects

In an important breakthrough for the energy transition, concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) projects, such as those being developed by Vast Solar, can operate as synchronous condensers even when the CSP is not generating by using Doosan Škoda Power turbines [...]

Australian solar thermal company shortlisted as global ‘pioneer’

Originally published in PV Magazine, authored by Bella Peacock. Sydney-based concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) company Vast Solar has been named as one of 23 companies shortlisted for Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s (BNEF) Pioneers program which recognises “game-changing technologies or [...]

Alan Kohler: Long-duration energy storage systems are writing coal’s death certificate

"In Mount Isa, another local company, Vast Solar, is using molten salt to store the energy from the mirrors that concentrate the sun’s heat." Read Full Article

New tank design promises to significantly improve the reliability of thermal energy storage

Originally published in PV Magazine, authored by Bella Peacock. A consortium has moved to patent a new tank design for the high temperature molten salt tanks used in thermal energy storage systems, like concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) projects. Concentrated [...]

Thermal solar shines light on net zero

An Australian thermal solar company is shining a light on the technology-aided path to net zero that Scott Morrison will spruik at the climate change summit in Glasgow this week. Read Full Article

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