Our Mission

To deliver renewable energy technology with the power to transform world energy systems.

Cost competitive, easy to construct, flexible, utility scale renewable energy power generation and storage technology, that can dispatch clean energy, on demand, 24 hours a day.
Vast Solar is an Australian company that has developed world-leading solar thermal storage technology, delivering low-cost renewable energy that is reliable, controllable and dispatchable.  We are innovators in the field of concentrated solar thermal power (CSP). Since 2009 we have been inventing solutions to address the issues that have held back the adoption of CSP. Our CSP system, developed through fundamental research and elegant, cost effective engineering, sets new standards of price and performance.
Vast Solar’s CSP system is smart, modular and highly cost effective to construct and operate. Our technology includes novel heat collection and transfer technologies, along with integrated storage so that we can generate and then dispatch affordable renewable energy 24 hours a day. These features, along with advanced control systems, heliostat, tower and field design, uniquely position Vast Solar’s power technology within the CSP sector. Our elegant, clean, scalable power generation and storage system is competitive on performance and price not only with other renewable but also with fossil fuel power generation.
Ethical, professional determination and technical capability to deliver utility scale power generation with thermal storage. We make the cost of building CSP economic and we deliver new generation thermal storage so that renewable energy can be affordable and dispatchable.  We are excited about sharing our technology with partners, energy providers and the communities they serve. We are proud to enable and help drive the change that we all need now – access to affordable, reliable, renewable energy.
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Low Cost, High Efficiency

Attractive Economic Profile

Vast Solar has developed world-leading solar thermal storage technology with a cost structure significantly lower than any currently available global competitor.

Partners and Associates

Vast Solar’s innovation journey has been made possible by longsighted private investors, along with support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) whose grant support has enabled us to bring Vast Solar’s unique CSP system to market. We work with leading Australian and international research organisations and supplied partners, and we work closely with the Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI).