We’re pleased to be able to share a recent public dissemination report (PDR) by The Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute (ASTRI), written by Director Dominic Zaal. Please click here to view.

ASTRI is a collaboration between leading national and international research institutions, with the aim of improving the development and demonstration of solar thermal technologies in Australia for renewable energy storage, power generation and process heat. ASTRI’s report highlights the enormous potential of CSP in Australia.

CSP is one of just a handful of renewable technologies that can balance intermittent renewables through the provision of long-duration dispatchable power at a large scale, and it has an integral role to play in decarbonising Australia’s energy system. Given the current energy crisis,  Vast Solar expects the CSP market in Australia to develop rapidly in the coming years. Our Federal Government-backed 30MW Port Augusta project, VS1, is set to be the first utility scale CSP plant to generate dispatchable renewable power overnight.

Vast Solar Pty Ltd supports ASTRI’s work in facilitating commercial uptake of CSP, in turn incentivising stronger policy support schemes, research and development, and national value chains.