Vast Solar is delighted to announce the launch of the Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park. The Park’s 50MW(AC) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Plant will be the first utility-scale solar PV plant in the Forbes region and the first phase in this world-leading project.

“We are excited to announce the expansion of our existing 30MW Concentrating Solar Thermal Power (CSP) Plant development through the complementary addition of a 50MW PV Plant. Coupling PV with Vast Solar’s low-cost modular CSP technology will deliver the strategic benefits of dispatchable solar energy in a cost-effective manner at a utility-scale” Craig Wood, Vast Solar’s CEO, says.

The Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park, which is located at Jemalong, 30km west of Forbes in NSW, will be constructed sequentially over 3 years. The development and planning approval process for the 50MW PV Project is well underway with an Environmental Impact Statement on exhibition until 21 December 2017.  Once the proposal is approved, construction of the PV Plant will commence in mid-2018. In parallel, Vast Solar is progressing the planning and approvals process to develop the 30MW CSP Plant on a site adjacent to the PV Plant. An Environmental Impact Study for the 30MW CSP Plant will be conducted in early 2018.

The Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park will demonstrate to Australia and the world the benefits of co-locating PV and CSP solar technologies. The use of PV for daytime generation and CSP, with its intrinsic utility-scale storage, for nighttime dispatch will deliver reliable, affordable renewable energy for up to 24 hours a day.

The 50MW PV Plant and 30MW CSP Plant will connect to and share common substation and transmission infrastructure, optimising the return on those assets and improving the capacity factor of the Hybrid Park by sending power to the grid at complementary times of day. The PV Plant will generate electricity when the sun shines then, when the sun sets, the CSP Plant will use the thermal heat it has stored during the day to generate and deliver electricity to the grid during the critical evening and morning peak demand periods.

Large solar PV plants are being built across Australia and around the world at ever increasing rates.  PV technology is mature and proven and PV plants sit quietly in the landscape. However, options to couple PV plants with utility-scale storage remain expensive (batteries) and geographically limited (pumped hydro). By contrast, the economics of Vast Solar’s CSP technology improve with scale and the design can be built anywhere with enough sunlight – a perfect match for PV!

Once the Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park 50MW PV and 30MW CSP Plants are approved, constructed and commissioned they will deliver a reliable and affordable supply of renewable energy to consumers.

Vast Solar’s development of CSP technology has been made possible with the sustained support of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). ARENA’s leadership in securing several utility-scale PV projects in recent years has dramatically transformed the Australian energy sector by helping to prove the commercial viability of large scale PV. The Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park will build on ARENA’s strategic work and further showcase Australian technology and innovation.

About Vast Solar

Vast Solar is an Australian company that is developing world-leading, utility-scale modular CSP technology. Since 2009, Vast Solar has undertaken research and development activities to trial, test and scale different aspects of the technology culminating in the Jemalong 1.1MW CSP Pilot Plant. The next stage in Vast Solar’s development pipeline is the Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park which comprises a 50MW PV Plant and a 30MW CSP Plant that will wrap around the PV Plant to deliver a reliable and affordable supply of renewable energy to consumers for up to 24 hours a day.

The Jemalong Hybrid Solar Park 50MW PV Plant Proposal

The Jemalong Hybrid Park 50MW PV Plant proposal is on public exhibition until 21 December 2017. To review the PV Plant proposal, visit the NSW Department of Planning and Environment website at:

For further information:

Anthea Fawcett, Corporate Affairs


December 2017